Saturday, November 18, 2006

I love tournies

Long time no post, sorry.

I got drunk one night and lost 3K at 10/20NL, smart eh?

I was also down a lot of MTT buyins.

Then I satellited into event 1 of the full tilt online poker series (FTOPS), and took 4th place for a nice 8000 score. The next night I took 20th out of 1160 in the second chance sunday tourney on stars...only for 970 bucks (215 entry), but I gave myself a good chance at the 48K first place prize.

The night before last, I took 4th in a $75 tourney on full tilt for 2K, then last night I took 3rd in a 109 tourney on tilt for 4200.

My results are improving, and I'm playing great. I've been sooo close to winning tournies, and the wins aren't far away. I can feel a big score coming soon.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My short stint at 5/10NL

Well I did good for a little while at 5/10NL. I held my own, played great, made good reads, good calls, good laydowns (I think), and made some cash.

That is until last week. Don't get me wrong I didn't lose a ton of cash, I just went on a 4 buyin downswing. That doesn't sound too bad, until you figure that a buyin at that level is $1000. So $4000 down the drain, pretty much what I was up at that level. So for the past couple weeks I didn't technically lose any money, but I did learn some good lessons.

I don't plan on moving back up to 5/10NL until I have 20 buyins (online). Although, I might play some 5/10NL at a live casino if 2/5NL goes well. It's easier to play live because there are a lot worse players than in the online game.

So, here's why I lost this week (or so I think). I think I just got too comfortable with putting a lot of money in on not so strong hands. I played really great until a guy bet 700 bucks into a 1400 pot (he was all in), and I folded the best hand. He showed me his stonecold bluff. That 1 hand cost me a HUGE pot, and played tricks with my mind. Everytime after that someone made a big bet, I just didn't believe them. That 1 hand crept into the back of my head, and re-emerged everytime someone made a big bet.

Players are better at 5/10NL than my regular 2/4NL limits, and therefore pick better spots to bluff. They don't do it as often. And I didn't catch on until I paid off too many hands. I played way better when I played cautious (I almost said scared, but I really was never scared of losing that much cash).

So, for next time I play these limits, I'm going to play cautious, and not get a lot of money involved in hands, unless I'm SURE I have the best of it, or have the odds to call. It's small ball poker for me next time.

As for now, I took a few days off to cool off my head and think things over. Losing a lot of money really quickly is bad for my confidence, and I don't want to play bad poker. Either tonight or tomorrow though, I gotta jump back on the saddle and get a winning session in.


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Taking shots

When I play ring games, I have been playing 2/4NL for the past couple of months. This week, after reading an article by (I forget who) about taking shots at higher limits, I decided to sit at a 5/10NL table. My bankroll isn't big enough to play the game consistantly, so I thought I'd just play and win, or lose my 1000 buyin then move back down in limits.

I had a winning session, so I have played a bunch more 5/10 this week. In the past 2 days I'm up 5000, and I'm up about 7000 for the last week or so. It feels pretty incredible.

I feel that I've played pretty good, but I did get lucky a few times, especially for a 2K pot the other day.

I made a terrible check raise on a J high board with 2 diamonds, after the turn, and got all my money in as a big dog. I had AdJd and my opponent had AA. a nice J on the river let me win the big pot, and had me labeled as a donkey for the rest of my session.

Anyway that's just a small update, poker is going GREAT this week.

I'm going to play less tournies and focus more on cash games, until November. Then I'll play a few MTT's to get me ready for the classic. Also I'm going to read Harrington on Holdem 2 before then.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Online Poker Classic

Wow, I can't believe I qualified for this. I have tried a bunch of times, and blown probably around $1000 trying. Since "turning pro" I have only spent about 150 bucks, and tonight I did it. I won a 10 person tournament (73 entry fee) to get my 600 dollar ticket. Then I won that 10 person tournament, to get my 5200 dollar ticket! Pretty pumped as you can tell. With this, also comes a $50,000 freeroll tournament tomorrow, which will include everyone who has won a ticket so far.

Here is a link if you want to know more about the ongame classin.

Aside from that, I also won about 800 in 2/4NL today. I have gone deep in tourneys a lot the past week, but with no "big" cashes. I got 1025 for 4th place out of 310 players, but lost a coinflip, followed by my AK going down to A6. I also have a 9th out of 270 (hardly any money) and a 12th out of 500+ for hardly any money. Before this week I had been on a bit of a downswing, hopefully the slump is over now.

Well now I am only one tournament away from becoming a millionaire :D

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ups and Downs

Well once again, a roller coaster week. Tournaments have been killing me lately, and if I hadn't been playing them, then I would be up a lot more than I am, but I guess it's worth it, one of these day's I'll cash for 20,000 or something and it will be great.

I played the big deal (320), and 3 tournies on full tilt (216 each), and a few 109 tournies on stars.

AQ is my enemy. In the only 2 of those tournies that I was feeling really good about, I busted with AQ. In a stars 109 I got busted in 32nd place (top 27 paid) by BeL0WaB0Ve when his 97 beat my AQ on an A97 flop. Then in the 216PL event for the FTOPS, I got it all in as a short stack with AQ against A7, and a 7 flopped, to knock me out. Winning that hand would have only put me at an average chip stack, but I was playing good and really felt I could make a nice run towards a final table.

Well it wasn't meant to be for my tourney game this week, but it's been a different story with ring games. In my last 4 sessions of 2/4NL I have won 2439, lost 810, lost 154, and then last night i won 1333.

I have also been dabbling into the 3/6NL game when I'm feeling confident, and have lost a little bit, there but won 715 bucks in my last session. I'm down maybe 400 bucks total at 3/6 over the past week, but that's only from about 1000 hands, not even close to enough to let me know if I'm winning at it or not. The play doesn't seem to be much better than the 2/4, so I'm pretty sure I can beat it.

So that's my week. So far since "turning pro" I am up around 5700, and my 5th week isn't over yet. Way more than I'd be making at the factory, and a way better job.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Woo hoo

Hey all, I finally got a new password, and will hopefully post more updates. I get sick of doing this all the time, but I'm thinking once or twice a week should be enough to fill you in on what's happening.

So I did it, I quit my job. The day the factory finally hired me, the day of my orientation, the day where I would be making 6 bucks an hour more than I did as a temp, I walked in the building, I asked to meet with human resources, and I told them I changed my mind. " I don't want this job, thank you ".

Here I am 2 and a half weeks later, and I love playing poker all the time. My goal for now is to make 3000 a month, and I had done that after the first week. However I have gone downhill since then with losing 700 bucks in 2 trips to the casino this week ( I need to just play poker, blackjack is definately a leak), and losing almost all of my 600 deposit on pokerstars.

I still have made money on fullcontactpoker though, and including those losses, I am still up 2000 since turning "pro". I seem to be doing well at 2/4NL shorthanded ring games, and 100 dollar 5 man turbo tournaments, so those will be the focus for me for the next week. I will play some multi table tournaments as well, but not as many as I have been playing. I've gone deep in a couple tournies, only to find myself busting out in 13th or 17th to bad beats, and just missing out on some big cash.

Well that's a lot of typing for me, so I will post again later.

Oh I also wanted to mention the 4200 I made on a trip to Connecticut, and 8000 on the Big Deal tourney on FCP. Those cashes gave me enough confidence, and enough of a bankroll to take my shot at doing this for a living. Ok I'm done now, later


Friday, June 02, 2006

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