Saturday, May 13, 2006

Great tourney for me

Yesterday, I didn't really do much of anything. I went out and bought Trailor Park Boys season 5 dvd, then I came home and started up in the 15K guarenteed on FCP. This is an unlimited rebuy tourney 20+2 entry, and I rebought during the first hand to give me 3000 chips to start with. After hitting a few hands, I found myself in 4th place after the the rebuy/addon period ended. Eventually I made it to the final table with the chip lead (this started with 504 entrants), where the following hand happened:

I have 330,000 chips to buddy's 162,000. Blinds are 6/12,000 and I'm on big blind with KQ offsuit. Buddy limps in late position with 10/J offsuit, and I check my option. Flop comes Q9x rainbow, I check, buddy bets 30,000, I raise it to 100,000. He calls, with his open ender, even though it's pot committing him for when I push on the turn. 8 falls on the turn, I push, and buddy doubles off of me with the nuts.

I made a comeback after that, and then when 5 players were left blinds at 10/20,000 and my stack at 230,000. The same guy who I doubled up earlier, raised it to 70,000. I pushed all in with 55, and he called with A10. The flop brought three low cards all diamonds to give me a flush draw as well, turn was a brick, and river was a black Ace to give buddy his 4 outer and knock me out in 5th place. I think I could have waited for a better spot to push, and maybe wait for one or 2 others to get knocked out, but I truely felt I could control this table and push them around if I won that last race.

I also entered a 30+3 multi table, and finished 22nd out of 118 or so, where only the top 10 paid. Payout for my 5th place finish was around 920 bucks giving me about an 850 profit for the day. My roll starting out today is $8450, and I'm already up about 300 in 15 minutes at 1/2NL.


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