Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just played 275 hands while 2tabling 1/2 5max NL. There was some guy who showed up on my table with 200 bucks, and on the first hand pushed all in (there was 5 bucks in the pot), and showed 44 when everyone folded. I luckily picked up JJ a couple hands later, made a raise, and he pushed all in once again. So what am I thinking? He must have a small pocket pair. I call (normally I wouldn't go all in preflop with JJ, but against a guy like this it's an easy call). Turn brings an ace and I'm thinking crap, but the pot comes my way, and he shows QJ offsuit. WOW.

A few hands later I have K8 in the big blind, and we see a flop bring 883 with 2 clubs. It goes check check check, and the turn brings the Q of clubs. I bet 4 bucks into the $6 pot, and the same clown pushes all in for close to 200 (he had reloaded). I think for a minute, and decide to call because this guy is a clown, and he shows Q3, after my quad 8's win the pot (nice river eh?).

So because of this guy, and some nice pots at my other table, I'm taking a break after 275 hands up $1079, and it's only 10:30 in the morning!

With my roll up to $9537, I could take a shot at playing 2/4NL but I'm thinking since I've only played about 16,000 hands at 1/2, I should keep playing this level for a while to make sure I can beat it in the long run. I foresee a cashout happening soon, and me buying something nice for myself. maybe once I hit 10K.


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