Thursday, May 11, 2006

My roll, and how it got started.

Currently, I am playing at and have been playing there since December. I initially deposited $99, for the purpose of checking out the site, as well as partaking in the charter member freerolls for a chance to become Daniel Negreanu's Protege. I didn't plan on sticking around this site at first, as it was a big change from PartyPoker and Pokerstars, which I was used to. So, I played out of my roll for a few days, turning my $99 into almost $500 after clearing the bonus. There was still a big hassle of having to send a whole bunch of info to verify my account in order to cashout over $200, and I still didn't care much for the site, so I decided I would play a couple of higher stakes MTT's, and go for broke. Well I ended up taking 4th place in the GT weekly 100+8 cashing for over $3600, and now I had a roll! I sent in all my verification details, and made a nice cashout for myself.

I kept grinding single table tournaments, and made a few nice scores at some multitable tournaments, and had cashed out $5500 in total, while having $1000 in my account. One night, I drank a bit more than I probably should have, came home and played some party poker blackjack (something I'll never do again!). I lost $400 in about 10 minutes, and decided to go piss away my $1000 roll at 5/10NL on FCP. Once I started playing however, I absolutely crushed the table. Sure I caught some cards, but I played absolutely amazing. Part of me wonders whether it was my wreckless aggression that had me winning, or catching hands at the right time, but before I knew it, I had turned that $1000 into $3700.

So, I cashed out $3000, and then I started my 1/2NL shorthanded (5max) journey. I don't recommend anyone play this game with a $700 roll, as I was still playing nowhere near within what my bankroll indicated I should be playing. I have since worked that up to my current bankroll, which is over $7500, and have cashed out $8500 from my initial deposit of $99.

I am still playing 1/2NL shorthanded, only now I am playing comfortably within my roll. My hopes are to one day be playing this game full time, but to take a chance, I need to (or moreso I want to) save up $25,000. This would allow me to move out, and give me a roll big enough to play up to 5/10NL, or 30/60 limit.

Anyway that's all for now, now you guys know more about me. I will soon do some research and find out the exact amounts I've made since I started keeping track of my deposits and withdrawals about a year ago. Don't ask me about before that because I don't have any idea how much I lost before that...I do know that I was a losing player for about the first 2 years I played.



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