Friday, May 19, 2006

Running bad, then running good.

Well I was running bad on FCP, and dropped down to around 8500. Sure there were some tough beats, but I also think I played pretty terribly during that run. Yes it sucks to admit it when you play bad, I wish every post I made could be about how I played awesome and was unlucky, or I played awesome and killed the tables, but I admit it...I played bad. The positive thing was that I realized I was playing bad, so I took a break from 1/2NL, and played a little bit of stud and omaha just to clear my mind. I'm not a great stud player by any means, and dropped $100 bucks playing heads up 10/20 over about 50 hands, which was fine by me. I enjoyed playing, and learned a thing or two. Omaha lost me 20 bucks playing some .50/1 PL hi/lo.

Yesterday I decided to take a trip to Brantford Charity Casino to play some 10/20 limit (also a nice change of pace from NL!). I feel that I am primarily a NL player, but I can hold my own in limit also, and made just over 600 over 3 hours at the poker table. I also played a little blackjack (one of my many leaks that would have to stop if I decide to play for a living), and had a good day there winning another 350ish. The biggest pot of the night for me was capped 6 ways preflop, with me holding AsQs. I flopped a queen, with 2 rags and a rainbow flop, and 5 of us saw the turn. The turn created some draws, but fortunately the other 3 that were still in missed, and my pair of queens took down a $450 pot.

Today I got back into the 1/2NL and am up just under 600 after about 400 hands, and am sitting at 9097. I am also close to clearing a bonus which will give me another 300 bucks. Thanks FCP!


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