Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Running good then running bad

I had a good day, two days ago, winning over 500, then yesterday I was up over 500 again, but I lost a couple of big pots to bad beats. On one hand I called a raised preflop with 10-8 suited, and flopped the nut straight. The turn brought it so that there were 2 diamonds and 2 hearts on board, and I got all the money in before the river. The board paired, and I was unfortunate to see my opponent had flopped a set, and rivered the full. This pot was for well over 400 bucks.

Another hand, which isn't as bad of a beat, but still hurt, was when i had 7-5 suited and called a preflop raise. The flop came Q-7-5 rainbow, and buddy married his KQ, which is exactly what I wanted. Until turn and river brought another pair on board to give him a higher 2 pair. This pot was for about 350 bucks.

Another hand that I lost a bunch on wasn't a bad beat at all, it was just a tough decision where I'm not sure I made the right play. With a few limpers, I raised it to 9 bucks preflop with QQ from the small blind. Big blind reraised it to 55. I didn't know why he raised it so much, so I figured probably a smaller pocket pair, trying to take the pot right there. I pushed allin, and he quickly called with KK, and the board bricked out.

After being up so much, I quit the session down 70 bucks. Right now I'm sitting at 8584 bucks. I also won a qualifier into the big deal tourney on sunday, which is 300+20 entry fee, and has a guarenteed prize pool of 80,000. Hopefully I can cash huge in that, and go to Vegas in July for a smaller buyin WSOP event. I'm thinking if I get my roll to 11,000 before then, I may treat myself to a fun trip.


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