Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ups and Downs

Well once again, a roller coaster week. Tournaments have been killing me lately, and if I hadn't been playing them, then I would be up a lot more than I am, but I guess it's worth it, one of these day's I'll cash for 20,000 or something and it will be great.

I played the big deal (320), and 3 tournies on full tilt (216 each), and a few 109 tournies on stars.

AQ is my enemy. In the only 2 of those tournies that I was feeling really good about, I busted with AQ. In a stars 109 I got busted in 32nd place (top 27 paid) by BeL0WaB0Ve when his 97 beat my AQ on an A97 flop. Then in the 216PL event for the FTOPS, I got it all in as a short stack with AQ against A7, and a 7 flopped, to knock me out. Winning that hand would have only put me at an average chip stack, but I was playing good and really felt I could make a nice run towards a final table.

Well it wasn't meant to be for my tourney game this week, but it's been a different story with ring games. In my last 4 sessions of 2/4NL I have won 2439, lost 810, lost 154, and then last night i won 1333.

I have also been dabbling into the 3/6NL game when I'm feeling confident, and have lost a little bit, there but won 715 bucks in my last session. I'm down maybe 400 bucks total at 3/6 over the past week, but that's only from about 1000 hands, not even close to enough to let me know if I'm winning at it or not. The play doesn't seem to be much better than the 2/4, so I'm pretty sure I can beat it.

So that's my week. So far since "turning pro" I am up around 5700, and my 5th week isn't over yet. Way more than I'd be making at the factory, and a way better job.


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