Saturday, September 30, 2006

Taking shots

When I play ring games, I have been playing 2/4NL for the past couple of months. This week, after reading an article by (I forget who) about taking shots at higher limits, I decided to sit at a 5/10NL table. My bankroll isn't big enough to play the game consistantly, so I thought I'd just play and win, or lose my 1000 buyin then move back down in limits.

I had a winning session, so I have played a bunch more 5/10 this week. In the past 2 days I'm up 5000, and I'm up about 7000 for the last week or so. It feels pretty incredible.

I feel that I've played pretty good, but I did get lucky a few times, especially for a 2K pot the other day.

I made a terrible check raise on a J high board with 2 diamonds, after the turn, and got all my money in as a big dog. I had AdJd and my opponent had AA. a nice J on the river let me win the big pot, and had me labeled as a donkey for the rest of my session.

Anyway that's just a small update, poker is going GREAT this week.

I'm going to play less tournies and focus more on cash games, until November. Then I'll play a few MTT's to get me ready for the classic. Also I'm going to read Harrington on Holdem 2 before then.


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