Thursday, October 12, 2006

My short stint at 5/10NL

Well I did good for a little while at 5/10NL. I held my own, played great, made good reads, good calls, good laydowns (I think), and made some cash.

That is until last week. Don't get me wrong I didn't lose a ton of cash, I just went on a 4 buyin downswing. That doesn't sound too bad, until you figure that a buyin at that level is $1000. So $4000 down the drain, pretty much what I was up at that level. So for the past couple weeks I didn't technically lose any money, but I did learn some good lessons.

I don't plan on moving back up to 5/10NL until I have 20 buyins (online). Although, I might play some 5/10NL at a live casino if 2/5NL goes well. It's easier to play live because there are a lot worse players than in the online game.

So, here's why I lost this week (or so I think). I think I just got too comfortable with putting a lot of money in on not so strong hands. I played really great until a guy bet 700 bucks into a 1400 pot (he was all in), and I folded the best hand. He showed me his stonecold bluff. That 1 hand cost me a HUGE pot, and played tricks with my mind. Everytime after that someone made a big bet, I just didn't believe them. That 1 hand crept into the back of my head, and re-emerged everytime someone made a big bet.

Players are better at 5/10NL than my regular 2/4NL limits, and therefore pick better spots to bluff. They don't do it as often. And I didn't catch on until I paid off too many hands. I played way better when I played cautious (I almost said scared, but I really was never scared of losing that much cash).

So, for next time I play these limits, I'm going to play cautious, and not get a lot of money involved in hands, unless I'm SURE I have the best of it, or have the odds to call. It's small ball poker for me next time.

As for now, I took a few days off to cool off my head and think things over. Losing a lot of money really quickly is bad for my confidence, and I don't want to play bad poker. Either tonight or tomorrow though, I gotta jump back on the saddle and get a winning session in.