Saturday, November 18, 2006

I love tournies

Long time no post, sorry.

I got drunk one night and lost 3K at 10/20NL, smart eh?

I was also down a lot of MTT buyins.

Then I satellited into event 1 of the full tilt online poker series (FTOPS), and took 4th place for a nice 8000 score. The next night I took 20th out of 1160 in the second chance sunday tourney on stars...only for 970 bucks (215 entry), but I gave myself a good chance at the 48K first place prize.

The night before last, I took 4th in a $75 tourney on full tilt for 2K, then last night I took 3rd in a 109 tourney on tilt for 4200.

My results are improving, and I'm playing great. I've been sooo close to winning tournies, and the wins aren't far away. I can feel a big score coming soon.


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